Eden’s Inspiration

This cake was a privilege and a pleasure. Eden(whom we’ve known since she was a little girl) and Andrew(whom we don’t know nearly as well, but he’s a real sweetheart) asked us to create a cake for their wedding day inspired by Eden’s wedding dress. Now, don’t worry, Andrew didn’t see either the dress or the plans for the cake, although he did accompany Eden to the consultation appointment and was allowed in the room for the tasting part. 😉

Eden’s dress was strapless, with a sweetheart neckline, cascading ruffles and a pearl and beaded embellishment at the waist. With the dress being so very romantic, we wanted the cake to convey the same romance, along with the elegant simplicity of the rest of the wedding. We used gum paste to create asymmetrically draped fabric and ruffles, and used pearl dust to give it that satin sheen. We created a focal point with a few beaded pieces and we’re incredibly pleased with the end result. We are both fans of white on white wedding cakes- there’s just something about them that evokes drama and romance, perfect for a once in a lifetime event.

Both Eden and Andrew wanted their wedding cake to reflect their fun personalities and so they chose three different flavour combinations: Vanilla Bean pound cake with Vanilla Bean buttercream and Salted Caramel, Decadent Chocolate cake with Peanut Butter buttercream, and Newfoundland Cherry Pound cake(giving homage to Eden’s family from the Rock) with Almond buttercream. Great choices, if you ask us! 😉

Our love and congratulations go out to you both, Eden & Andrew! 🙂

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Eden sent us this picture after the wedding, saying:

“Best cake ever! You can’t even tell where the cake ends and my dress begins! These ladies are the best at what they do!”


King of the Castle

Okay, so not technically a king. And… not technically a castle.

This cake was something else! Heather called us to see if we were available to make a cake for the owner of the Old Orchard Inn. (Side note: We love the Old O. The staff there is fantastic and the venue is great. Each time we make a delivery, they make us feel pretty special.) “We” weren’t available, but “I”(Anna) was. Mom, the poor thing, was going to be away in Guatemala visiting my sister. So although it was only going to be one chick, I said yes. And then I made Mom go through the entire design process with me, even though she wasn’t going to be here to execute it. We met with Heather at the hotel, and took a lot of pictures. The interior of the hotel is fantastic, very unique. It has many aspects reminiscent of a medieval castle, with open beam ceilings, stone walls and stone tiled floors. Also featured are two beautiful fireplaces, designed by the owner himself. (You can see some of these features by clicking on the link above.) So the plan was to make a cake that was basically the Old O, turned inside out.

After many sketches, measurements, and ideas bounced off each other, we came up with the design. We had decided to incorporate as many of the unique architectural features as possible, so we designed an open archway and a working (yes, a working) fireplace.

Before Mom left, she spent her last day at home baking the Vanilla Bean/Chocolate Marble pound cake that was the base of the cake. We assembled the main cake(which was filled with both Vanilla Bean and Chocolate buttercream), which ended up being about 8 inches high, and made the archway wall from Rice Krispie treats which we then painted with melted chocolate to strengthen. Then Mom left me. 🙁

And the detail work began. (Which, I won’t deny, I actually quite enjoy.) I started with covering the top of the cake in vanilla marshmallow fondant, then I used a silicone mould to piece together the fondant for the stone walls. After cutting out the space for the arches, the doors, and the fireplace, I filled these spots with the appropriate fondant pieces, either bricks or wood. I painted the stone walls and then cut out individual gum paste bricks and painted them before adhering them to the cake. After adding the wooden (gum paste) beams, I then painted the stone tile floor. Once this was done, then I got to play! I had looked up the Wallace family (The family that owns and runs the Old O) crest and coat of arms, so I painted miniatures of these to personalize the cake. Mom had come up with the great idea of using a flickering tealight in the fireplace, and I made tiny gum paste logs and attached them to the tealight to finish it off. The view from the front of the hotel looks across the Minas Basin to Blomidon, so I included a miniature landscape painting of Blomidon (which I couldn’t resist signing :)).

I must say, this cake is our most unique to date, and definitely had the most detail work, but it was a lot of fun. Plus, the reactions we got from the staff when we delivered the cake made it completely worthwhile! We deliver wedding cakes and don’t even get tears! 😉

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Shawna’s Vintage Hockey Book

Shawna contacted us with a request that really made us think. She’s a librarian, and was planning on incorporating books into her wedding decor. She was also going for a vintage feel, decorating with autumn colours and leaves. She also mentioned that her fiance, Ryan, loves hockey. She asked us if it was possible to incorporate all of those aspects into one small cake for them to cut and 120 cupcakes… Sure, it’s possible! 😉

Using our previous Antique Books cake as a starting point, we thought about maybe a vintage hockey themed book. After searching the web, we found a book entitled “For The Love of Hockey” and thought that having the hockey theme including the word “Love” was fitting for a wedding. To incorporate the vintage feel, we would make the book look antique using petal dust. That last request, autumn leaves- well, we took care of that by scattering a few gum paste leaves over the book and decorating about a quarter of her cupcakes with them.

Shawna was very excited about all of these details and also added a few of her own. We changed the title of the book to “For Love Of Hockey” and added the couple’s names as the authors. We also added a pair of crossed hockey sticks and a puck to the front cover, and a puck with a heart inside of it to the spine.

The cake was Decadent Chocolate filled with Chocolate buttercream and the cupcakes were a mix- Decadent Chocolate with Chocolate, Vanilla Bean Pound with Vanilla Bean buttercream, and Almond Chocolate Marble with Almond buttercream, to please all of the wedding guests.

This cake, with all of the special touches, definitely reflected the bride and groom and the things they love. We love to create cakes that have that personal touch. 🙂

Congratulations, Ryan & Shawna!

We received this email a few weeks after the wedding:

I just wanted to let you know that we absolutely LOVED the cake. Both Ryan and I were amazed at how well it turned out, and how beautiful the cupcakes were! They were also delicious- I’m glad we ordered extra because they were all gone! We had a lot of people try to sign the cake because they thought it was the guest book! 😀 I was absolutely thrilled with it. Thank you so much for everything, it really added to the look and feel of the whole reception.

Thanks again!



Esther’s Lace & Cupcakes

Esther contacted us knowing she wanted a small top tier and cupcakes for her wedding. She showed us a picture of the design she liked, which was white on white lace piping. The intricate design turned out beautifully!

She complimented the top tier with cupcakes, half of which were Decadent Chocolate with Vanilla Bean buttercream, the other half Vanilla Bean pound cake with Chocolate buttercream.

Congratulations, Esther & Mitch! 🙂

Tomoe’s Farewell to Nova Scotia

When we heard that Tomoe was leaving for the West Coast, I asked if I could make a cake for her and her husband Richard to go along with the “Farewell to Nova Scotia” themed goodbye party. My sister-in-law said it could just be a simple cake that had “Farewell Tomoe & Richard” written on it. Well, I couldn’t do that. 😉 (If you are wondering why I’m only talking about me in this story, it’s because Margaret was out of the province for a week.)

So when I got thinking of iconic NS, I thought lighthouses, and then I made up my mind. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to achieve a lighthouse, but I did some research, and had an idea laid out in my head. With the help of a design by Hunter(my 8-year-old), I baked six small round Vanilla Bean Marble pound cakes and a 12-inch square Vanilla Bean pound. After stacking the cakes, using our Cake Stackers system, I carved the shape I wanted for the lighthouse and the rocks that it sat on. I then dirty iced everything with Vanilla Bean buttercream and chilled it overnight in the fridge, so the entire cake would be very firm and ready for fondant.

Oh, and earlier in the week, I used an empty chocolate milk bottle, a disassembled Dot-it light, and some scrapbook paper, to make a topper for the cake that actually lights up! Yay!

Not sure how I was going to cover the lighthouse with fondant, I decided to just dive right in. By this time, I was joined by a “cake crew” (Amanda, Megan, and Noah for artistic imput ;)), and Amanda and I surprisingly covered the entire cake in one piece of fondant. Then the girls got to work dusting the “rocks”, while I made the gum paste details- the door, steps, windows, and Farewell sign. After adding the gum paste details and painting the window panes, we added candy covered chocolate “rocks” and I piped little tufts of grass in among them. We then mixed up a marbled blue buttercream, which was spread on using a small spatula to create the moody waves of Nova Scotia.

Every detail we added got us a little more excited… and the finished product had us all impressed! Thanks for the group effort, everyone! 🙂

*Success! We fooled a number of people who came to the farewell party and didn’t realize the lighthouse was a cake. Yay!

Rachel’s Rustic Romance

Rachel’s autumn wedding celebration called for something special. She had found a photo that she loved and we tweaked the details just a bit. We made and used gum paste flowers and leaves of various sizes, for a natural feel. The grapevine really finished off the outdoorsy feel of the cake, along with the huge slab of wood that was used as the cake stand. As we decorated this cake, we couldn’t help but notice how “outside the box” it seemed. It reminded us of those haute couture wedding gowns- you know, the ones that have that unique detail that sets them apart. The white on white kept a very romantic feel, which was then balanced by the rustic vines and cake stand. A beautiful combination!

Rachel chose 3 different flavour combinations, so each tier was different. She had Decadent Chocolate cake filled with Chocolate Ganache, Almond Pound cake filled with Almond buttercream, and Decadent Chocolate cake filled with Vanilla Bean buttercream and Salted Caramel. Each of these tiers were sooo yummy!

Congratulations, Rachel and Ty!

Jennifer’s Apple Barrels

Jennifer and Jerry came to see us with a cake in mind- definitely Carrot Cake, and definitely buttercream frosted, to fit in with the rustic barn wedding they were planning. Well, it just so happens that we had an apple barrel cake on display that day, waiting to be delivered that afternoon. And it caught Jerry’s eye. And Sally’s(Jennifer’s mom) eye. And Jennifer’s eye. And then the plans changed. A bit. 😉

While keeping the inside the same- still Carrot Cake filled with Cream Cheese Buttercream- the design for the outside was completely changed. To accommodate feeding all of their guests, Jennifer and Jerry decided to go with three tiers, which we topped off with gum paste flowers and leaves to match their wedding colours. The bands around the barrels were also changed to a grey, to coordinate with the rest of the wedding decor.

We love this cake! The colours made it seem very bridal, but still so fun and whimsical.

Congratulations, Jennifer and Jerry! 🙂

Camille’s Birch Bark

Camille and Spencer were having an outdoor wedding and she wanted to incorporate the cake into the outdoor theme. Combining ideas from a few different pictures of cakes she had seen and liked, she decided to go for a 2 tier cake, with a few details, such as their carved initials and the peeling birch bark.

The cake was Decadent Chocolate filled with Vanilla Bean Buttercream, and Camille also ordered two slab cakes (one the same flavours as the wedding cake and one Almond Chocolate Marble with Almond Buttercream) to feed all of her guests.

The cake was covered with fondant, carved, and painted with petal dust and food colouring. The knot in the top tier was also formed with fondant, and added a touch of realism to the finished cake.

Congratulations, Spencer and Camille! 🙂

Malorie’s Apple Barrels

This cake was so much fun! And it ended up so sweet… we loved the idea, the colours, every bit of it!

Malorie came to us a bit reluctant to show us this picture of the cake she liked, thinking it wasn’t possible to have this cake. Her fiance Sam encouraged her to show us the picture and when we said we would be able to replicate the cake, within their budget, she was very pleased. She requested that the flowers on the cake highlight that her wedding colour was eggplant, but not overpower the cake with dark purple. We matched the flowers to a photo of her bouquet, including roses, hydrangea blossoms, apple blossoms and ivy. The barrels are fondant, dusted with petal dust to emulate wooden slats(thanks to Noah for his artistic eye!), and we finished off the rings with hand painted copper staples. Chocolate cookie crumbs topped off the barrels, which contained Decadent Chocolate cake, Vanilla Chocolate Sour Cream Pound cake and Vanilla Bean Buttercream. The cake was accompanied by 130 cupcakes for their guests(would you want to cut this cake? ;)), both Decadent Chocolate and Vanilla Bean Pound, topped off with Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Buttercream.

The end result of this cake is so unique, quaint, and just downright adorable! It’s become one of our favourites to date.

Congratulations, Sam and Malorie! 🙂 Thanks for your confidence in us!


Megan’s Antique Books

Megan and Todd came for their tasting without really knowing how they wanted their cake to look. When we asked them what their decorations were going to be, they told us that they were using stacks of antique books for their centrepieces. (Sweet story behind that dating back to their first date.) So it was promptly suggested that we replicate a stack of antique books for their cake. Todd and Megan both really liked that idea. So we left the book titles up to them (love the choices they made!), and they left the rest up to us. The only request was that we use shades of blue and green to coordinate with their wedding colours.

Todd and Megan chose Vanilla Bean Pound Cake filled with Vanilla Bean Buttercream and Salted Caramel for all the tiers(so delicious!). We then covered each tier with tinted fondant, and dusted them with petal dust. The books were finished off with hand painted titles (not stencilled) which took a lot of time and patience, but really paid off in the end. This is one of our favourite cakes to date!

Thanks and congratulations, Megan and Todd! 🙂

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