Isabelle’s Bountiful Blossoms

Isabelle and Eric came to us looking for a cake with lots of blossoms. Keeping the cake itself neutral and simple, the flowers become the focal point. Isabelle’s bouquet was going to have mauve roses, deep purple carnations and white/green hydrangea. The cake was made to coordinate. All of the flowers are made with gum paste, and hand painted and dusted. We arranged them in nice, full bunches, and the colour combination is stunning!

The overall effect is very clean, classic and romantic.

The cake inside is a classic, too. Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Marble pound cake with Vanilla Bean buttercream, to please the masses. 🙂

Congratulations, Isabelle and Eric! 🙂

The day of the wedding was also the arrival of hurricane Arthur. The winds gusted around 120 km/hr, and caused a lot of downed trees and power outages. Needless to say, there were a few changes that had to take place with the wedding(including a change of venue for the ceremony from outside to inside), but it seems that everything fell into place. We received this email the next day from Isabelle:

OMG… the cake was absolutely stunning!!! And delicious! Way beyond all my expectations! Thank you so so much, we had a perfect day because of people like you!

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Malorie’s Apple Barrels

This cake was so much fun! And it ended up so sweet… we loved the idea, the colours, every bit of it!

Malorie came to us a bit reluctant to show us this picture of the cake she liked, thinking it wasn’t possible to have this cake. Her fiance Sam encouraged her to show us the picture and when we said we would be able to replicate the cake, within their budget, she was very pleased. She requested that the flowers on the cake highlight that her wedding colour was eggplant, but not overpower the cake with dark purple. We matched the flowers to a photo of her bouquet, including roses, hydrangea blossoms, apple blossoms and ivy. The barrels are fondant, dusted with petal dust to emulate wooden slats(thanks to Noah for his artistic eye!), and we finished off the rings with hand painted copper staples. Chocolate cookie crumbs topped off the barrels, which contained Decadent Chocolate cake, Vanilla Chocolate Sour Cream Pound cake and Vanilla Bean Buttercream. The cake was accompanied by 130 cupcakes for their guests(would you want to cut this cake? ;)), both Decadent Chocolate and Vanilla Bean Pound, topped off with Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Buttercream.

The end result of this cake is so unique, quaint, and just downright adorable! It’s become one of our favourites to date.

Congratulations, Sam and Malorie! 🙂 Thanks for your confidence in us!


First flowers…

This was the first cake we incorporated gum paste flowers into. We asked Natasha if we could make her wedding cake… for her wedding in Ontario! And she said yes! Then began the process of making 400 blossoms for the hydrangea. (Which, by the way, is not good for the back. Enough said.) We baked and froze the cakes for the trip up (our Decadent Chocolate Cake freezes beautifully), and put it all together the night before the wedding. After fondant disasters, health disasters, and a hubby to the rescue, the cake got finished and the wedding was beautiful.

Click on any of the pictures to see a close-up of the cake.

We love you, Matt, Natasha & Morgan! xoxo