Jenna’s Orchids

Jenna had originally wanted this cake in buttercream, but when we discussed the potential heat of an outdoor wedding and gave her a sample of our homemade marshmallow fondant, she agreed that fondant was the way to go with her cake. Which was wise, considering it hit 29 degrees the day of the wedding(which is wonderful for everything but the cake!). The cake was made up of both Vanilla Bean Pound cake and Decadent Chocolate cake, paired with Chocolate Buttercream and Salted Caramel.

Jenna requested that the ribbons cascading around her cake match the centres of blue dendrobium orchids, which were to adorn the cake. The original photo Jenna provided showed the ribbons in two different widths, but when we found a third width of ribbon in the same colour, we decided that it would only add to the elegance of this cake.

We wired each orchid blossom individually, which gave us a lot of flexibility in arranging them. The ends of the stems with the buds added an exotic touch to the cake, with the asymmetric topper giving it a very natural, organic feel… Great for an outdoor wedding!

Congratulations, Jenna & Matt! 🙂