40 Years and Counting…

40 years. Time to celebrate.

Marlene contacted us to make a cake for her sister, Diane and her husband, Monte (who happens to be my dad’s cousin) for their 40th anniversary. She wanted to surprise them with a cake that they’d love. So we were given a few ideas. Monte and Diane hadn’t had a wedding cake at their wedding, so Marlene didn’t want the anniversary cake to look too much like a wedding cake, but she wanted it to be pretty… We can do pretty. 😉

We wanted to incorporate some sugar flowers, some colour and the idea of lace was mentioned a few times. So we put on our thinking caps and also asked if their daughter-in-law Brandi had any ideas. So with this group effort, we came up with an idea to create a ruffly bottom tier(that resembles hydrangea) and then add some lacy piping to the top tier. We then added a bunch of gum paste hydrangea to the top tier. When deciding on colour, we went with pink and blue, which is a throwback to Diane’s wedding dress, which was white with pink and blue flowers on it.

The finished product has a shabby chic feel to it, and made us all think of a garden party, which was perfect because the anniversary dinner was taking place at the Old Orchard Inn, which overlooks the Annapolis Valley, which happens to be out in full bloom right now. 🙂

Under all the fondant, the cake was our Vanilla Bean sour cream pound cake, Vanilla Bean buttercream and Salted Caramel. Which, by the way, is becoming our most popular flavour combination.

Happy 40th Anniversary, Monte and Diane! xo


Jenna’s Orchids

Jenna had originally wanted this cake in buttercream, but when we discussed the potential heat of an outdoor wedding and gave her a sample of our homemade marshmallow fondant, she agreed that fondant was the way to go with her cake. Which was wise, considering it hit 29 degrees the day of the wedding(which is wonderful for everything but the cake!). The cake was made up of both Vanilla Bean Pound cake and Decadent Chocolate cake, paired with Chocolate Buttercream and Salted Caramel.

Jenna requested that the ribbons cascading around her cake match the centres of blue dendrobium orchids, which were to adorn the cake. The original photo Jenna provided showed the ribbons in two different widths, but when we found a third width of ribbon in the same colour, we decided that it would only add to the elegance of this cake.

We wired each orchid blossom individually, which gave us a lot of flexibility in arranging them. The ends of the stems with the buds added an exotic touch to the cake, with the asymmetric topper giving it a very natural, organic feel… Great for an outdoor wedding!

Congratulations, Jenna & Matt! 🙂

Everything-but-the-Kitchen-Sink for Ezra

This was quite the undertaking. Sarah and Ezra came to us mainly with ideas for flavours at first, and because of them we created some of our yummiest yet! From the beginning, Ezra wanted their cake to be something special. He wanted height! And more height… and more height. Sarah kind of took the backseat and the cake became Ezra’s baby.

The first noticeable part is, yes, it’s navy blue! We were a little wary of going blue, mainly for the reason we weren’t sure we could get the fondant dark enough. Thanks to Americolor Navy Blue, we were able to attain quite a nice navy. We did, however, go about it a little differently than we usually do, because we wanted to make sure that the colour didn’t vary from tier to tier. We made 6 batches of marshmallow fondant, coloured them all, then mixed and kneaded them all together. We then took what we needed to cover each tier. It worked well, giving us a nice uniform colour over the entire cake. The cake was then trimmed in a golden fondant ribbon accented by gold fondant medallions (to coordinate with the navy and gold invitations) and was finished off with a hand painted monogram.

Ezra also had his heart set on a tall tier of real flowers. The tier of mixed white dahlias (some of our favourites are at Glenmont Dahlias) added, not only a lush elegance, but also 7 inches to the cake. We’re getting there… he also found a wedding topper that they loved which added another 6 inches. In all, the cake ended up being about 30 inches tall!

Like I said, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink… but wait, there’s more:

The inside of the cake is, hmm, let’s just say it in one word- epic.

Sarah and Ezra had vacationed in France and fell in love with Salted Caramel. They enlisted us (mainly just Margaret) to duplicate the flavour. When Sarah came to drop off the flowers, she got to sample what Margaret had come up with. She said it was even better then some that they had tried in France! Another flavour they thought of was a raspberry filling. They ended up with each tier of the cake being a different flavour- Vanilla Bean Pound with Raspberry Filling and Vanilla Bean Buttercream, Almond Chocolate Marble with Chocolate Buttercream filling and Almond Buttercream, and Decadent Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream and Salted Caramel. I’m actually pretty extremely jealous of them eating that cake. The top tier, to save for their first anniversary, is a mishmash of all the above flavours, to remind them of the entire wedding cake.

Maybe the kitchen sink is in there… 😉

Thanks for the challenge, Ezra & Sarah! Congratulations!

Click on any of the pictures to see a close-up of the cake.

Tara’s Calla Lilies & Gerbers

Tara’s cake was frosted in buttercream, and adorned with gum paste ribbons, gerbers and calla lilies. The ribbon was dusted with a shimmer dust, and the cobalt of the daisies matched the decor at the venue perfectly. For a first shot at calla lilies, I ended up loving them!

Click on any of the pictures to see a close-up of the cake.

Chrysanthemum Cake

Here is Margaret’s chrysanthemum cake. Fondant chrysanthemums are highlighted by coordinating dragees to create a fun and funky cake.

Click on any of the pictures to see a close-up of the cake.

First flowers…

This was the first cake we incorporated gum paste flowers into. We asked Natasha if we could make her wedding cake… for her wedding in Ontario! And she said yes! Then began the process of making 400 blossoms for the hydrangea. (Which, by the way, is not good for the back. Enough said.) We baked and froze the cakes for the trip up (our Decadent Chocolate Cake freezes beautifully), and put it all together the night before the wedding. After fondant disasters, health disasters, and a hubby to the rescue, the cake got finished and the wedding was beautiful.

Click on any of the pictures to see a close-up of the cake.

We love you, Matt, Natasha & Morgan! xoxo