Megan’s Antique Books

Megan and Todd came for their tasting without really knowing how they wanted their cake to look. When we asked them what their decorations were going to be, they told us that they were using stacks of antique books for their centrepieces. (Sweet story behind that dating back to their first date.) So it was promptly suggested that we replicate a stack of antique books for their cake. Todd and Megan both really liked that idea. So we left the book titles up to them (love the choices they made!), and they left the rest up to us. The only request was that we use shades of blue and green to coordinate with their wedding colours.

Todd and Megan chose Vanilla Bean Pound Cake filled with Vanilla Bean Buttercream and Salted Caramel for all the tiers(so delicious!). We then covered each tier with tinted fondant, and dusted them with petal dust. The books were finished off with hand painted titles (not stencilled) which took a lot of time and patience, but really paid off in the end. This is one of our favourite cakes to date!

Thanks and congratulations, Megan and Todd! 🙂

Click on any of the pictures to see a close-up of the cake.

One thought on “Megan’s Antique Books

  1. Hi Anna!

    Megan and Todd here. I was going to email you but I thought such praise should be public. This cake was DEFINITELY the hit of the wedding!! We still had a few pieces left over the next day and let me tell you….they did not last long! Todd and I had to hide two for our car trip to the hotel!

    The hand painting FAR exceeded our expectations! When we first saw it, I thought someone placed a giant stack of books on the cake table. You did an absolutely fantastic job and will certainly be recommended to anyone who will listen! You have found a repeat customer!! There really isn’t enough for me to say about this beautiful work of art!!

    Thanks so much for making our wedding a fairytale!

    Megan and Todd

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