Meet The Chicks

We’re the chicks-

All it took was an idea. “Let’s make a cake for their anniversary…” That sparked the flame and we’ve been teaching ourselves the art of cake design and decorating ever since.

As mother and daughter, we constantly bounce ideas off one another. Always eager to try new techniques, we soon became known to friends and family as “the ones who will make the cake” for any special occasion. After five years of keeping family and friends in cake, and after much encouragement from those same people, we finally decided to kick it up a notch by becoming “Just a Couple of Chicks.” We’re now in year four, and want to send out a huge “THANKS” to all the customers who have chosen us to create their special cakes!

Margaret loves to experiment with new flavours and Anna loves the detail work, handcrafting sugar flowers, painting, and sculpting. Together, we make unique and delicious cakes. But we are always on the lookout for new ways to get creative with cake. That’s where YOU come in to play. Your ideas, inspirations and personality are just what we are waiting for. We would love to put our heads together with yours to come up with the next edible piece of art!

Click on any pictures throughout the site to see a closeup. Enjoy exploring our site!

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