A Mix for Anne

Anne and Andrew came to see us (we love when the groom is into the cake design too!), looking for an assortment of cupcakes. Something to please everyone. 🙂 They decided on three flavours: Carrot with Cream Cheese frosting, Decadent Chocolate with Vanilla Bean buttercream, and Vanilla Bean Pound with Vanilla Bean buttercream. They also ordered a 6 inch cake for themselves, and Andrew was very excited about ordering a cupcake shaped cake. Anne wasn’t so sure, and shortly after their consultation, we received an email from Andrew saying he was going to let Anne have this one, and he ordered a regular cake, rustically frosted(he has learned early when to give in. 🙂 ). This all fit in perfectly with their laid back venue, which was a barn. The cupcakes were displayed on a variety of mismatched dishes, wood cookies, and crates, which showed them off perfectly.

The wedding cake itself was Carrot cake with Cream Cheese frosting, which looks like a dream. So luscious and delicious all at once. 🙂

Congratulations, Anne and Andrew! 🙂

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