Michelle’s Burlap and Buttercream

Michelle had a very good idea of what she wanted, providing a picture of a rustic buttercream frosted cake with burlap flowers. Besides her Decadent Chocolate cake tiers with Peanut Butter buttercream, Almond Marble with Almond buttercream, and Decadent Chocolate with Vanilla Bean buttercream and Salted Caramel, she chose to have the entire cake frosted with Vanilla Bean buttercream. The specks of vanilla bean lent themselves well to the burlap, creating a simply beautiful cake. We topped it off with burlap roses that Michelle herself had made. They are stunning!

Michelle also had a surprise for her fiance up her sleeve. (Hint: he’s a big Patriots fan!)

We received this email from Michelle shortly after the wedding:

Hi Anna!

Anna, the cakes were amazing!! Everyone LOVED the cake, people were eating three and four slices each!! We were so happy, and my groom was so surprised with the Patriots cake. He was so excited when he saw it.

 Thank you again for making our day even more special. When we get our pictures back we will send some along.

With thanks,




Jenna’s Orchids

Jenna had originally wanted this cake in buttercream, but when we discussed the potential heat of an outdoor wedding and gave her a sample of our homemade marshmallow fondant, she agreed that fondant was the way to go with her cake. Which was wise, considering it hit 29 degrees the day of the wedding(which is wonderful for everything but the cake!). The cake was made up of both Vanilla Bean Pound cake and Decadent Chocolate cake, paired with Chocolate Buttercream and Salted Caramel.

Jenna requested that the ribbons cascading around her cake match the centres of blue dendrobium orchids, which were to adorn the cake. The original photo Jenna provided showed the ribbons in two different widths, but when we found a third width of ribbon in the same colour, we decided that it would only add to the elegance of this cake.

We wired each orchid blossom individually, which gave us a lot of flexibility in arranging them. The ends of the stems with the buds added an exotic touch to the cake, with the asymmetric topper giving it a very natural, organic feel… Great for an outdoor wedding!

Congratulations, Jenna & Matt! 🙂

Amanda’s Fuchsia Flourishes

Trevor and Amanda had a picture picked out of what they wanted their wedding cake to look like… it was even in the right colour! The cake was Almond Marble Pound Cake with Almond Buttercream throughout. It was then piped with fuchsia buttercream, highlighted with fuchsia gum paste leaves and highlighted with orange and yellow buttercream.

We were so pleased when we delivered the cake and the colours matched the decor and flowers.

Congratulations, Trevor and Amanda! 🙂

We received this email from the groom shortly after the wedding:


Thanks so much and thanks for making a great cake. Everyone really enjoyed it. Our photographer took a great picture of the cake at the reception that you are welcome to use if you’d like.



Malorie’s Apple Barrels

This cake was so much fun! And it ended up so sweet… we loved the idea, the colours, every bit of it!

Malorie came to us a bit reluctant to show us this picture of the cake she liked, thinking it wasn’t possible to have this cake. Her fiance Sam encouraged her to show us the picture and when we said we would be able to replicate the cake, within their budget, she was very pleased. She requested that the flowers on the cake highlight that her wedding colour was eggplant, but not overpower the cake with dark purple. We matched the flowers to a photo of her bouquet, including roses, hydrangea blossoms, apple blossoms and ivy. The barrels are fondant, dusted with petal dust to emulate wooden slats(thanks to Noah for his artistic eye!), and we finished off the rings with hand painted copper staples. Chocolate cookie crumbs topped off the barrels, which contained Decadent Chocolate cake, Vanilla Chocolate Sour Cream Pound cake and Vanilla Bean Buttercream. The cake was accompanied by 130 cupcakes for their guests(would you want to cut this cake? ;)), both Decadent Chocolate and Vanilla Bean Pound, topped off with Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Buttercream.

The end result of this cake is so unique, quaint, and just downright adorable! It’s become one of our favourites to date.

Congratulations, Sam and Malorie! 🙂 Thanks for your confidence in us!