Peggy’s Chocolate Curlicues

Peggy came to us with a picture of a cake that she loved and asked us to use it as inspiration. It was covered with intricate tendrils and twirls, which resulted in a whimsical, yet very elegant cake. The chocolate on white piping is such a striking combination (even if it is a little tedious to work with 😕 ), and we both ended up loving the finished product.

The entire cake was Almond Chocolate Marble Pound Cake, filled with Almond Buttercream. The marble cake played off the swirl motif on the outside of the cake, completing it with deliciousness!

This cake turned out even better than we thought it would. And hopefully, even better than the picture we were provided with! 😉

We received this email from Peggy a few days after the wedding-


Our cake was beyond our wildest expectations!! Thank you, thank you so much!! It was so delicious too!!

Thank you again!

And then, we received this thank you card from them once they were settled back home in Ontario-

Dear Anna & Margaret,

Thank you both so much for our beautiful wedding cake. You truly added that special touch to our wedding reception. It was not only gorgeous but delicious too! You are both so talented. Thank you again, so much.


Peggy & Tim

Congratulations, Peggy & Tim!

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Everything-but-the-Kitchen-Sink for Ezra

This was quite the undertaking. Sarah and Ezra came to us mainly with ideas for flavours at first, and because of them we created some of our yummiest yet! From the beginning, Ezra wanted their cake to be something special. He wanted height! And more height… and more height. Sarah kind of took the backseat and the cake became Ezra’s baby.

The first noticeable part is, yes, it’s navy blue! We were a little wary of going blue, mainly for the reason we weren’t sure we could get the fondant dark enough. Thanks to Americolor Navy Blue, we were able to attain quite a nice navy. We did, however, go about it a little differently than we usually do, because we wanted to make sure that the colour didn’t vary from tier to tier. We made 6 batches of marshmallow fondant, coloured them all, then mixed and kneaded them all together. We then took what we needed to cover each tier. It worked well, giving us a nice uniform colour over the entire cake. The cake was then trimmed in a golden fondant ribbon accented by gold fondant medallions (to coordinate with the navy and gold invitations) and was finished off with a hand painted monogram.

Ezra also had his heart set on a tall tier of real flowers. The tier of mixed white dahlias (some of our favourites are at Glenmont Dahlias) added, not only a lush elegance, but also 7 inches to the cake. We’re getting there… he also found a wedding topper that they loved which added another 6 inches. In all, the cake ended up being about 30 inches tall!

Like I said, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink… but wait, there’s more:

The inside of the cake is, hmm, let’s just say it in one word- epic.

Sarah and Ezra had vacationed in France and fell in love with Salted Caramel. They enlisted us (mainly just Margaret) to duplicate the flavour. When Sarah came to drop off the flowers, she got to sample what Margaret had come up with. She said it was even better then some that they had tried in France! Another flavour they thought of was a raspberry filling. They ended up with each tier of the cake being a different flavour- Vanilla Bean Pound with Raspberry Filling and Vanilla Bean Buttercream, Almond Chocolate Marble with Chocolate Buttercream filling and Almond Buttercream, and Decadent Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream and Salted Caramel. I’m actually pretty extremely jealous of them eating that cake. The top tier, to save for their first anniversary, is a mishmash of all the above flavours, to remind them of the entire wedding cake.

Maybe the kitchen sink is in there… 😉

Thanks for the challenge, Ezra & Sarah! Congratulations!

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Charlotte’s Rainbow

Charlotte picked our Cashmere cake, with a couple differences. She opted to have the same stencil over the entire cake. She also decided to forego having the stenciled top, so she could show her personality with a custom Bobble Head topper.

On our way to deliver Charlotte’s cake, we looked out over the water and saw this beautiful rainbow! Congratulations Charlotte!

Click on any of the pictures to see a close-up of the cake.