Jennifer’s Peacock Cake

Wow! This was a bride with a vision. Jennifer contacted us from Ottawa, and through email and phone calls, she relayed her vision for her cake. Jennifer really wanted her cake to be a work of art, to really have a presence. Her wedding was decorated throughout with peacock feathers and she used a very balanced mix of peacock colours (chartreuse, teal, gold, deep purple… you get the picture).

Jennifer was definitely drawn to the hand painted cakes she had seen. So we knew that was going to be the focal point. She had also seen the topper we had used on our first hand painted cake, and asked if we could do one in the peacock colours. No problem, we just ended up using the same food colourings that we used on the cake itself, so it ended up matching perfectly. Jennifer also wanted the bottom tier to act more as a platform for the top three tiers, so we came up with the idea of going with a texture, but keeping it simply white. It worked beautifully.

And although Jennifer really knew what she wanted, she trusted us to make the call on any minor changes that we may have had to make to ensure that the cake turned out as beautifully as she expected. Thank you Jennifer, for collaborating with us. It turned into one of our favourite cakes so far!

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Nicole’s Damask Cupcakes

Nicole originally wanted her cupcakes frosted with apple green, white, and black buttercreams. After much consideration and some trial runs, we decided to forego the black to avoid the mouths of the guests being stained the same colour. The black was still incorporated into the colour scheme with the damask cupcake holders. We also added bright green button mums to half of the white frosted cupcakes, and some white pearl dragees were sprinkled on the green.

It was a hot, humid day when we delivered the cupcakes, and the wedding was outside, so we didn’t set them up, for fear the buttercream would melt. So we didn’t get pictures of the cupcakes set up in the tent. Nicole sent us this email:

Thanks so much! The cup cakes looked fantastic and tasted fantastic as well! Everyone enjoyed them and came back for seconds and thirds.

Once I get back to Calgary I’ll have time to go through pictures and send some your way!

Thanks again!

Nicole Marshall

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Michelle’s Deep Purple Anemones

Michelle wanted a simply elegant cake, and after much consideration, settled on a 4-tier with bold eggplant ribbon. She enlisted us to create three eggplant-hued anemones to match the ribbon. She originally wanted the flowers to be white with purple centers, but i’m so happy she changed her mind and decided to add more colour to the cake by having them purple. These flowers even fooled my husband, who thought we had used real flowers on the cake. (That secretly makes me burst with pride. haha)

We received this email the day after the wedding from Michelle’s mom:

Hi Anna,

The cake was beautiful and very tasty.  Thank you so much, to both you and your mom.


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Mandy’s Topsy Turvy Cake

Mandy wanted to have fun with her cake, but also wanted it to have some elegance. The piping and the gum paste roses offset the really fun silhouette and topper.

We received this response from Mandy’s mom, Cindy:

Hi Anna,

I wanted you to know how beautiful we all thought the cake was. It tasted great too.



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Tara’s Calla Lilies & Gerbers

Tara’s cake was frosted in buttercream, and adorned with gum paste ribbons, gerbers and calla lilies. The ribbon was dusted with a shimmer dust, and the cobalt of the daisies matched the decor at the venue perfectly. For a first shot at calla lilies, I ended up loving them!

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Andrea’s Lovebirds

Andrea is just about the sweetest girl. So why shouldn’t her cake be, too? The lovebirds were crafted out of gum paste (without the help of any cookie cutters, mind you) and attached with royal icing. The branches were hand painted on the fondant, which wasn’t being nice to us that weekend, with the 96% humidity. We’ve since realized that an air conditioner really helps out our work area on those humid days. 😎

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Cupcake Roses

These regular and mini cupcakes had the tops frosted as roses (thank you Joy). They were scattered over various glass plates and stands, for a very vintage feel.

Michelle was one of our brides who did everything through email. We didn’t actually ever meet! But we did receive this message from her after the wedding:

Hi I wanted to send a note about how happy I was with the cake and cupcakes … I also am inquiring if you have a website I could link to a Facebook shout out.

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Girly Girl Princess

This was for a baby shower. Can you guess the theme? 🙂  We created an ombre effect, with each tier getting a little darker pink. Tiers were then embellished with piping and ribbons, to create this girly cake, fit for a new baby princess!

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Chloe’s Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Oh my goodness… I still remember the wonderful aroma of this cake… Decadent chocolate cake with chocolate covered strawberries, ganache, and Vanilla Bean buttercream… My mouth is watering thinking about it even now. I wanted to eat this cake from start to finish.

You wouldn’t think so, but this cake was somewhat labour-intensive. Painstakingly placing each drip (as Joy can attest to) took longer than you would think. Totally worth it though.

Congratulations, Seth & Chloe!

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Lee & Rosalee’s 10th Anniversary

This was a labour of love. Rosie loves stained glass Tiffany lamps, and we had a Mexican themed dinner for them, so I incorporated the two. This was a Tres Leches cake that we filled with homemade dolce de leche. Soooo yummy! We then covered the two tiers with marshmallow fondant, which gives you such a great canvas to paint on. And paint on I did!

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