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East Meets West

Now this is a story of trust.

Alex and Sophie contacted us about a wedding cake and when we met for a consultation, they asked if maybe we would be interested in trying something a little different. As soon as they showed us the idea they had in mind, we got excited. We love a challenge, and this was a good one. And both Alex and Sophie trusted us to execute their vision.

Let me begin with the traditional wedding cake, mainly because once you see the entirety of the cake, it gets a little forgotten. Poor little wedding cake!

Sophie is from here, Nova Scotia, and was already incorporating a few East Coast details to the wedding, including anchor shaped bottle openers for favours. So we were able to incorporate some nautical touches into the wedding cake design as well. We made an anchor topper out of gum paste to match the favours and painted it with metallic food paint, and we also made gum paste starfish to sit among the gum paste flowers to match Sophie’s bouquet of white roses and blue hydrangea. All of this, trimmed with a cornflower blue ribbon, made for a beautiful wedding cake. Delicious too- all Decadent Chocolate cake with Vanilla Bean buttercream.

The cake could have been finished there, and I’m sure it would have been a hit. But then we throw Alex into the mix…

Alex is from Alberta, and he loves his truck. That’s cool, boys like their toys. In most cases though, their fiancés don’t give them the leeway to ‘destroy’ their romantic, meaningful wedding cake with a cake of their own. Well, Sophie did. Alex provided us with a photo of his truck, and we modelled a cake after it. All to scale. Margaret’s very thorough measurements resulted in a delicious GMC Sierra Crew Cab made of Decadent Chocolate cake. And then it was all about the details. The grill, the lights, the mirrors, the door handles, all chromed out… every time we added another little detail, the better it looked. (I did get a little stressed about the details halfway through and need to thank Brandi and Margaret for forcing me to step away from the cake for awhile to figure things out.) Again, the cake could have been finished there, but the wedding cake and the truck cake needed to be tied together somehow, right? Right. The right way? Mud, of course. Or in this case, chocolate buttercream. A lot of chocolate buttercream. Neatly frosted? Not quite. I have to admit, it was difficult to begin making a mess of Sophie’s pretty wedding cake. Once we got started, though, look out! Seriously, I spotted chocolate buttercream on the ceiling the next day! It was worth it though. See for yourself!

Congratulations, Alex and Sophie, and thank you for trusting us with your creative spin on wedding cake! 🙂

Mark & Shelley’s Surprise

A surprise party was planned for a 25th anniversary, and we were privileged to create the cake for it. It was definitely a cake made to satisfy the taste buds, as it was Vanilla Bean pound cake filled with Vanilla Bean buttercream and Salted Caramel. So yummy! It was then frosted with Vanilla Bean buttercream and topped off with handmade gum paste roses, calla lilies, blossoms, and English ivy, resulting in a very romantic anniversary cake, perfect to celebrate 25 years!

Happy 25th anniversary, Mark & Shelley! 🙂

Lynsey’s Burlap Bow

Lynsey and Ken were on the hunt for a fun, rustic styled wedding cake. They came to the right place. They wanted burlap incorporated into the design of the cake, but also wanted it to flow with the rest of the wedding decorations and the design that they had chosen for their invitations. So we piped buttercream on two of the tiers in the shade of boysenberry, to match the invitations, and we finished off the cake with burlap ribbon and an elegant burlap bow. The design came together into a beautiful cake. It was topped off with a wire topper in the bride and groom’s initials, backed by gorgeous roses.

The inside was our very popular flavour combination of Decadent Chocolate cake with Vanilla Bean buttercream.

Congratulations, Lynsey and Ken! 🙂

Heather’s Autumn Harvest

This cake slipped through my fingers last year, as it was our last cake of the year, and I neglected to post it. So, many months later, and at the beginning of a new wedding season, here’s a little throwback to the fall of last year.

Heather and Allan had a spectacular venue (his parents’ home) and needed a cake that fit the bill. The reception tent was in a cornfield, and was decorated in fall colours. It was stunning, and the cake needed to stand against that backdrop. Heather and Allan opted to have their cake decorated with fall leaves- oak and maple, as well as acorns. We used gum paste to make these and individually painted each one with food colouring. We also used burlap ribbon at the base of each tier and to cover the cake board.

They chose Vanilla Bean buttercream all round, with Vanilla Bean pound cake, except the middle tier, which was Decadent Chocolate. Delicious combinations!

A belated congratulations, Allan and Heather! 🙂 (To view photos of the wedding, wedding venue, and our cake, you can go to Nicole Lapierre Photography.)


A Mix for Anne

Anne and Andrew came to see us (we love when the groom is into the cake design too!), looking for an assortment of cupcakes. Something to please everyone. 🙂 They decided on three flavours: Carrot with Cream Cheese frosting, Decadent Chocolate with Vanilla Bean buttercream, and Vanilla Bean Pound with Vanilla Bean buttercream. They also ordered a 6 inch cake for themselves, and Andrew was very excited about ordering a cupcake shaped cake. Anne wasn’t so sure, and shortly after their consultation, we received an email from Andrew saying he was going to let Anne have this one, and he ordered a regular cake, rustically frosted(he has learned early when to give in. 🙂 ). This all fit in perfectly with their laid back venue, which was a barn. The cupcakes were displayed on a variety of mismatched dishes, wood cookies, and crates, which showed them off perfectly.

The wedding cake itself was Carrot cake with Cream Cheese frosting, which looks like a dream. So luscious and delicious all at once. 🙂

Congratulations, Anne and Andrew! 🙂

Andrea’s Garden Roses

Andrea wanted to go in a different direction with her wedding cake, or should I say cakes. Instead of a tiered cake, she opted for three separate cakes, each rustically frosted with buttercream and topped off with beautiful fresh flowers, including stunning garden roses and Queen Anne’s lace, a very romantic combination.

The blush colours of the flowers looked so perfect atop the Vanilla Bean buttercream, which topped off Decadent Chocolate and Vanilla Bean pound cakes.

We received this email from the bride’s mother after the wedding:


I cannot tell you how gorgeous ( and delicious ) the wedding cakes were.

Absolutely beautiful and totally delicious. Everyone was raving! Thank you so very much! The wedding was beautiful and it is obvious how important the cakes are. The staff at the Old O were very complimentary of you and your mother’ s ‘works of art ‘ !!

Take care . I would recommend you to anyone who asks 🙂

All the best, Sheila

Congratulations! 🙂

Laura’s White Chocolate Coral

Laura’s wedding had a light, airy feel to it, with touches of a nautical theme. She wanted coral to be incorporated into her cake design. We looked at pictures of piped coral, but then we suggested that we could add another dimension to her white on white cake. We used white chocolate to make coral pieces to adorn the cake. We did pipe coral, as well as bubbles, onto the cake, but then really made the idea of the coral pop with the white chocolate. The coral has a very organic look to it, as it is made by piping hot white chocolate over crushed ice, so each piece is definitely unique, unlike a store bought mold. The finished product has a very simple elegance to it, as white on white cakes often do, perfect for the big day.

The cake was a Lemon Pound cake with Vanilla Bean buttercream, a very fresh flavour for a summer wedding.

Congratulations, Laura and Gordon! 🙂